Students at all levels are encouraged to participate in some of the many extracurricular offerings designed for fun and learning. Many are described below and new ones are offered each year.


Band instruction is available for interested students from Levels 4-8. The Diocesan Program determines the monthly fee annually. Instruments can be rented with the option to buy. Small group lessons are provided one period a week and the band practices together weekly. Class periods are rotated so the same subjects are not missed too often. However, it remains the responsibility of the student to make up missed class work. A meeting is held at the beginning of each school year to provide more information for interested parents.
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Chess Club

The Sacred Heart PTG Educational Enrichment Committee offers beginner chess lessons in the fall semester and intermediate/advanced lessons in the winter. Experienced chess players participate in tournaments in the Pittsburgh area. The after-school classes are taught by a paid chess expert.

Students pair off against one another to sharpen their skills. It has been shown that learning the game of chess improves problem-solving skills, discipline, memory, and mathematical skills. Volunteers are always welcome to assist and supervise the students—no chess experience is necessary.
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Math 24

Math 24 is offered to students in Levels 4-8 to promote interest in mathematics. Interested students meet once a week at lunchtime to compete in pairs in a mental math game. Class competitions produce one finalist per division to attend a diocesan competition in the spring.
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Piano Lessons

Sacred Heart Elementary School offers private piano instruction for a fee during school hours. Lessons are one half hour, once a week. Teachers and parents determine an appropriate period for the lesson in order not to add any academic strain to student schedules. It is the responsibility of the student to make up class work missed. Sacred Heart is thrilled to carry on this legacy of Sister of Charity, Patricia Jordan. Inquire at the school office for availability and further details.
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School Dances

Several times a year, school dances are offered for students in grades 6-8. Parent chaperones are always welcome.
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School Musicals

The music program stages several performances a year. Working closely with the music teacher, students, divided by grade level, practice and perfect a show to be performed for parents and the rest of the school. The production is usually performed revue-style and and is rehearsed as a part of the music curriculum during school hours.
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Christian Leadership Team

The Christian Leadership Team consists of approximately 20 students from Levels 6-8. Students desiring to be on the Christian Leadership Team write an essay, receive teacher endorsements, and make a speech to fellow students. Finally, elections are held in individual grades and representatives chosen. At the first meeting of the new team, four officers are chosen to plan and run meetings with the help of the faculty advisors.

The organizational goal is to foster esprit de corps through student planning and implementation of school activities. The Christian Leadership Team sponsors social events, including dances, pep rallies, and talent shows. The students plan for school outreach activities to benefit the community and organize fundraisers for various charities and mission efforts.
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Summer Camp

Summer Camp operates for two weeks after school ends in June. Programs such as Creative Kids I, Creative Kids II, Summer Fun as well as Web Site Design and Digital Youth classes are among the offerings, which may vary from year to year. Camps often include crafts, visits to area parks, theme days, and much more. Some camps run from 9 a.m. to noon, others are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Before- and after-camp care available.
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A group of 7th- and 8th-graders work with a teacher-moderator to design the yearbook. The group uses a web-based program in conjunction with the company that takes school pictures. Photographers on the staff are called to capture moments in the classrooms throughout the school year. In the spring, the designing and editing is done. The process of taking the photos and arranging them on the pages and working with the rest of the staff is an enriching experience for all involved.
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