Volunteer clearances

Sacred Heart School Safe Environment Policy

Teachers, coaches and assistants, homeroom parents, chaperones, and adults who volunteer with children at Sacred Heart School are required to follow the steps outlined below to receive volunteer clearances. We realize it takes time and attention on your part to complete the process; please realize it the goal is solely to protect your children:

  1. Register on the Pittsburgh Diocese Safe Environment Database www.diopitt.org (one time only). To register:
    • Call the school office for the access code.
    • Scroll down to the “Safe Environment Database Application” in the left column and click on it.
    • On the next screen, click on the part that says: “If you do not have a user ID and password, please click here to register.” This is where you will use the access code given to you by the office.
    • Complete the required information. The Criminal Record Clearance will automatically be generated with registration on the Database.
  2. Notify the office when registration from step one has been is completed.
    • The Criminal Record Clearance and the personalized Child Abuse Clearance Application will be sent to you by the school office. Complete and mail (with required money order fee) to:
      Childline and Abuse Registry
      Dept. of Public Welfare
      Box 8170
      Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170
    • When you receive the child abuse clearance in the mail, please send a copy to the school office.
  3. Attend the Protecting God’s Children Program (once) at any location in the diocese. Check the school calendar for sessions at Sacred Heart or www.diopitt.org for sessions elsewhere. Submit a copy of Certificate of Attendance to SHES office.
  4. Read the booklet entitled Code of Pastoral Conduct. This will be handed out at the Protecting God’s Children Program. It is also available from the school office. Sign the last page and return it to SHES (once only).
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