Annual Fund

Elementary education is a cornerstone in the development of every child, a foundation for life’s important endeavors. For 135 years, Sacred Heart Elementary School has provided a strong foundation for the children of thousands of Pittsburgh families. Today a number of families are struggling mightily with the tuition required to send their children here. The school is limited in its ability to meet the most critical need and can support only a handful of deserving students each year. We look to alumni, parish friends and current families to help by donating to the Annual Fund. Please consider giving a gift to help Sacred Heart School.
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Endowment Fund

The Sacred Heart Endowment Fund receives the proceeds of the annual magazine sale. The interest on this money is distributed once each year as financial aid for students attending Sacred Heart School. Donations to this fund are also welcome.
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Extracurricular Scholarships

Extracurricular Scholarships are offered to Sacred Heart Students who would like to participate in after-school activities that include a fee. Donations to this fund are a great way to make sure all our students have the opportunity to participate in our exciting and educational extracurricular activities. Many families contribute by including a bit extra as they register their own children for activities (please be sure to include a note designating the extra as a contribution to the Extracurricular Scholarship Fund).
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Technology Upgrades

Having up-to-date technology is critical at Sacred Heart—and all schools. Parents recognize that a computer center and classrooms must have current technology or children can quickly come to be at a disadvantage in today’s tech-savvy world.

The school opened a library/technology center in 2000. Today the adjoining rooms and classrooms on both floors feature modern Apple computers plus some Smartboards and LCD projectors. The school hopes to buy and install more projector/Smartboard combos, with the eventual goal of equipping all classrooms. This would replace the use of outmoded VCRs and DVD players and enhance the curriculum with content available on the internet. Wireless internet is available throughout the school.

Sacred Heart has been fortunate. The Heart of Pittsburgh Cookbook raised the money to launch the library/technology center. The Sacred Heart Parish Jubilee Campaign and two school raffles provided funding to help meet construction costs. Each year, sale of the cookbooks and the “Apples for Students” program support the purchase of some equipment upgrades.

Sacred Heart Elementary children are blessed to have parents and alumni who care enough to keep school facilities updated and technology current.

To stay current, the computers and other equipment need to replaced or upgraded every few years. If you want to help, let us know. Donations can be designated for technology upgrades.
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Birthday Book Program

Sacred Heart students may choose to donate a book to the library in honor of their birthdays. For a $10 donation, students select a book from some which were recently purchased and get a plate with their name and birthdate placed in the front. Contact the school office to participate.
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