Tuition is established by the pastor, principal, and School Board and is reviewed annually. Several payment options are offered to meet varying needs. Parents who register a student in the school enter into a contractual obligation with the school. They are expected to make payments promptly according to the plan chosen or a late fee is added. Families whose children are enrolled late may receive an extension from the April tuition deadline at the time of registration.

Prompt payments are required for the school to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. A late fee will be assessed monthly on all delinquent accounts. Families experiencing difficulties which affect tuition payments must contact the school to address their situation. Children of families with a two-month delinquency will not receive report cards and will not be allowed to participate in field trips, sports, or any other extracurricular activity. Families with a three-month delinquency will have ten (10) days to bring their account current. Failure to meet this payment obligation will result in dismissal from school. No grades or records will be sent for eighth-graders or transferring students until tuition is paid.

2016-2017 tuition for parishioners eligible for subsidy from their parish
A.M. Kindergarten $2,250
Full-day Kindergarten (afternoon is not subsidized as morning is) $4,600
One child (levels 1-8) $4,050
Two children (levels 1-8) $6,000
Three or more children (levels 1-8) $7,000
2016-2017 tuition for non-parishioners and non-Catholics
A.M. Kindergarten $3,100
Full-day Kindergarten $5,800
One child (levels 1-8) $5,800
Two children (levels 1-8) $9,400
Three or more children (levels 1-8) $12,200
2016-2017 preschool tuition for all students
4-year-old program (3 half days) $1,880
4-year-old program (3 full days) $3,780
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