The administration, faculty, and staff of Sacred Heart Elementary School believe that the primary purpose of Catholic Education is the formation of the intellect within the context of faith in Jesus Christ as taught by the Catholic Church.

It is the natural right and obligation of parents to be the primary educators of their children. Sacred Heart Elementary School assists and enables parents to fulfill this obligation. Sacred Heart Elementary School provides the spiritual, academic, and social dimensions of a formal Catholic education. The students learn through instruction and example to participate fully in their faith. They are encouraged to accept and apply Christ’s Gospel message to their own lives and to their roles as members of the community. The students are expected to realize their obligation of service and responsibility to that community.

Academic experiences are based on sound educational principles consistent with the developmental stages of each student. The uniqueness of each student and the cultural heritage of his/her family is recognized and respected within the development of the curriculum. A conscientious effort is made to treat each person in a way that will allow each to grow into the person he/she is called to be.

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