Sacred Heart offers a strong traditional curriculum. In the Continuous Growth Program of the Diocese of Pittsburgh students advance through a defined curriculum according to individual need and abilities. In addition to meeting all the requirements of the Pennsylvania department of Education, the curriculum gives special attention to the integration of Gospel values.

Curriculum guidelines for all subject areas are provided through the Department for Catholic Schools. The guidelines endeavor to guide and give continuity to the teaching/learning process and to meet individual needs of students. All textbooks are selected from texts recommended by the Curriculum Directors of the diocese that have a philosophy consistent with the Catholic philosophy of education and presentation of subject matter which is sequential, consistent, and adaptable to the Continuous Growth Program.

Religious education is the center of the Catholic school. A conscious effort is made to create a Christ-centered atmosphere by stressing Christian values throughout the school and by integrating religion into every aspect of the curriculum. The administration, faculty, and staff are deeply interested in and involved in developing spiritual values and good moral conduct. Priests, teachers, and the principal actively participate in the planning and implementation of a viable religion program. The Diocesan human sexuality program, the Catholic Vision of Love, is incorporated into religion classes in Levels 5-8. Formal religion instruction is enhanced by faith experiences, including involvement in school masses, prayer services, sacramental programs, and service. Community is at the heart of Catholic education, not simply as a concept to be learned, but as a reality to be lived.

Reading is taught in each level in small groups based on reading competence. In the primary levels, reading is taught twice daily. In levels 6-8, those who no longer need developmental reading receive more intensive instruction in literature and Spanish. Mathematics is taught daily in small groups based on competence. In levels 6-8, students meeting established criteria may take Transitional Algebra and Algebra.

In Level 8 computer instruction is integrated into various subject areas. Before students in any grade are permitted to use the internet, guidelines for its use are sent home along with an Internet Use Contract, which must be signed by parents and students and returned.

Music education at Sacred Heart stimulates learning in other academic subjects. Classroom instruction is supplemented by performances in seasonal vocal concerts, musicals, and by class field trips. Level 3 students receive recorder instruction and also perform in a concert.

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